Easter Weekend Shenanigans

So this week & weekend has been hectic, eye opening, and fulfilling to say the least. And I ate terribly. Everything bad that I could have possibly eaten I ate indeed. It started with the potluck at work for lunch on Friday. Then fast hibachi before volunteering at the soup kitchen on Friday evening. I ate the entire tray and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then Saturday I did nothing at all really but I went to breakfast alone at Mcdonalds and ate like 2000 calories in just one breakfast sitting: a steak mcmuffin, 2 sausage mcmuffins, and 2 hash browns with a sweet tea… then for lunch that day once my beloved finally awoke from her slumber we went and got chickfila with fries and ice cream. AND later gas station hot dogs for dinner…. which brings me to today wherein I had a big Burger King breakfast with 2 crossaints, French toast sticks and a large iced coffee. We went to church with my my partners mom and then went to an Easter cook out at her birth mom’s (because she’s adopted and has 3 parents) where I ate a plate of food, and packed 2 plates to go. 

In all I am very disappointed with my diet this weekend. I ate horribly and I know. In addition I had very little movement. I stayed sitting at practically all of my activities. 

But it was a holiday and I wanted to indulge, so I did. 

So now this week we’re suppose to go back to a meatfree diet with low carbs and low sugar…  I’ve been cheating on this diet, by sneaking meat and meat filled meals at work with coworker’s, but I think I want to try and really commit to it this week. 

It’s getting HOT here in Georgia. And as I saw this weekend, I can not do my hair and get dressed up and step outside without breaking into a heavy sweat at the weight I am. I know this will get worse as the height increases over the next months. So I should take advantage and melt some of this weight off. 

I hate the feeling of my clothes sticking to me. I hate sweating profusely. I hate my hair sticking to my neck and face. It’s not cute, and definitely doesn’t make me feel good about my self. 


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