Buffet progress 

So I slept rough last night. My hands are going painfully numb when I try to sleep at night. My doctor thinks it is carpal tunnel, but even with a wrist brace and NSAIDS they pain to point of disturbing my sleep. 

However, I slept pretty well last night. I’m visiting my girlfriend’s parents in Augusta, and her Dad has gone out of my way to make me comfortable. As intimidating as he is to me, I really like him. I’m just wary of having another one on one convo with him about anything. 

Her mom on the other hand, I LOVE. She has a beautiful kind spirit and I just love being around her and hearing her speak. So the three of us (minus dad) had lunch at the Chinese buffet. I did not really want to go because it’s a buffet, and I know my weaknesses with buffets, but I made a wrong move and ended up having to go. 

I am incredibly proud of my self restraint. Usually I have like 5 plates plus dessert. Today I had 2 plates of mostly protein, and no dessert. I did not eat myself to discomfort either. This is a huge landmark for me because it shows that I am more aware of what I’m eating and how much. 

Mind you, I did have thoughts like “not getting my monies worth”, “gonna regret not getting some of that”, “why didn’t I bring baggies”. But I reasoned that being out with my second, spiritual mom helped me keep a reign on things. 

This is progress. 


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