I Need to Start Somewhere

Well, Hello! Welcome to my journey. I hope you join me as I explore exercises, recipes, challenges and triumphs to reach a healthier and happier ME!

My name is Rachel Marie. This blog will be dedicated to my journey to lose about 250 pounds. I have been heavy all my life and my weight has fluctuated for as long as I can remember. This blog is my last attempt to develop a support system and really focus on losing weight in a healthy and healing/restorative way. Let me tell you what has inspired this…

I went to my doctor last Friday. She told me that I am 447.6 pounds. I am 26 years old. And while my blood work shows healthy levels of cholesterol, A1C1, and blood pressure, 448 pounds is a death sentence if I do not act now to reach a healthier weight. 

My doctor refuses to give me any type of prescription help to kickstart my weight loss. She thinks that diet and exercise should do the trick, and while I wish I had more support from her end, I understand why she doesn’t want me depending on pills, when I need to be developing better habits. 

She has however suggested that I consider bariatric surgery– which I am not open to. Surgery makes me nervous, and I don’t want to lose this weight super fast and have skin problems that I can not afford to correct now. 

I think I should mention that I’ve gained an additional 14 pounds since my previous visit 2 months ago. So I understand why she thinks Gastric bypass would be something to bring up.

So here I am. Stubborn, determined, reaching out, being vulnerable, exposing my struggles and hopefully (fingers crossed) my future successes. 

I plan on posting photos of where I am starting, as well as video of my experiences and status. I hope this inspires me to stay focused and driven toward my goals, as well as possibly motivating someone else out there struggling with their weight. 


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